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Ship Safety Management System

BASSnet SAFIR (Safety and Improvement Reporting) is designed for reporting and analysis of events arising from accidents as well as hazardous occurrences. The module provides the best solutions to events that affect safety and quality onboard and in organisations with suggestions to improve fleet operations. Track important information, record data digitally and view comprehensive reports in user-friendly formats. Highly structured and configurable, the modules lets you add specific approval setup to the reporting process as well as monitor audit trails for reporting purposes, all while keeping original reports. As an end-to-end solution, the module is integrated with other BASSnet modules including BASSnet Maintenance, Operations, Reviews & Improvements, Document Management and HR Management.

  • Easy and efficient reporting with powerful workflow and process overview

    All reports can be sent for analysis and follow up, and throughout the entire process, the original reports will always remain unaltered. With a fleet-wide view, regularly monitor the status of non-conformities and observations linked to the reports.

  • Fleet-wide consistent reporting and record keeping

    Unique code structure, defined at an organisational level, provides the framework for uniform data entry and analysis of data across the entire organisation.

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