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Maritime Risk Management

BASSnet Risk Management defines, assesses and manages operational risks to improve vessels’ safety, security, performance and reputation. With support for risk assessment processes, the module helps to manage the process of identifying key vessel operations and the potential hazards associated with the execution of operational tasks. Define additional control measures to minimise the impact of hazards and achieve the safety management objectives of the ISM Code and TMSA guidelines. BASSnet Risk Management is integrated with BASSnet Maintenance and BASSnet Document Manager.

  • Quick-view of fleet-wide risk assessment progress

    See the residual risk ratings for a vessel’s operation and drill down to show the actual risk assessment carried out. Proper review can then determine if the current controls for operations can be further improved to reduce risks related to the operational safety and security on vessels.

  • Handle risk assessments for complex operations

    Create risk assessment for complex operations where more than one operation is involved, for example, when a need arises to perform the operation – ‘Hot work in confined space’ – which essentially consists of two separate operations. Conveniently build and store a list of Complex Operation codes in the BASSnet™ Register sub module that can be quickly selected when creating risk assessment for your complex operations.

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