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Project and Dry-Docking Management

Take full control over projects such as dry-docking with BASSnet Projects. The module is designed for you to track and monitor Refit, Conversion and Modification Projects, Dry Docking Projects, Special Survey Projects, Wet Dock Projects and many more. Easily manage your projects with the four sub-modules provided for planning, execution, yard management and setup. A powerful project management system, BASSnet Projects creates standard job specifications, and allows you to send specifications to yards for quotations and cost control. This module is integrated with other BASSnet modules including Maintenance, Procurement, Document Manager and HR Manager.

  • Powerful system for managing & monitoring projects

    See an overview of all projects for each vessel. Your Superintendent has all the required tools at his fingertips to monitor and update the current status of the jobs and enter the actual cost incurred.

  • Minimise repetitive data entry for similar projects

    Create standard project templates that can be shared amongst your entire fleet or create a project by duplicating a previous project.

  • Take charge of your project’s cost

    View the overall estimated cost for a particular project and control costs by monitoring the status of the overall budget.

  • Improve project control by inter-linking projects

    For projects involving the same vessel, link a project to sections in various other projects. Once linked, the cost control can be carried out from the main project itself.

  • Get the right Yard for the job

    All details from a received quote will be automatically populated in the system, giving you an easy avenue to make quote comparisons and award the tender to the selected yard. Evaluate and grade the Yard to ensure future yard selection decisions are based on past performance.

  • Efficient job handling with integration to BASSnet™ Maintenance

    With the linkage to the BASSnet™ Maintenance module, attach relevant ‘Scheduled Jobs’, ‘Defects’ or ‘Claim’ Jobs to a project.

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