Project Description


An advanced purchasing system designed exclusively for the shipping industry, is flexible and scalable to accommodate any size of operations and any number of users.

It caters to the complete purchasing process – producing/receiving requisitions from both office and vessel, creating purchase orders, monitoring shipments and invoicing.

Manage and control the purchasing flow for the entire fleet and concurrently respond to the individual needs of each ship.

At any given time, get a quick view of your global purchase history of items across your entire fleet in a single screen.

• Procuring the best price with bulk purchases
A smart feature to help you consolidate existing Requisitions from different vessels or a single vessel containing orders of common parts into a single requisition, to constitute a bulk purchase.

• Powerful budgeting control at your finger tips
See where you stand in your financial planning by comparing the budget data against actual cost.

• Full access to a comprehensive reverse logistics cycle
Fully manage and track the entire cycle of requisitions and purchase orders for service/repairs that are to be done onboard, repairs/reconditioning that needs to be carried out ashore and also for goods that need to be sent ashore for any reason.

• Instant access to your global warehouse inventory
See an overview of inventory transactions at all your warehouses in multiple locations. Track the quantity that was received at the warehouse, prior to the goods being delivered to the vessel.

• A complete library of supplier contracts for easy access
Reduce the time spent on the purchasing process by storing all supplier contracts directly in the system for the automatic retrieval of contractual ‘unit purchase price’ to speed up the planning of a new purchase.