Project Description

BASSnet™ Fleet Management

Standardise components, jobs & materials across a group of vessels or fleetwise.

This feature allows you to create Equipment Groups with named categories for equipment and maker and model details for specific equipment. Equipment can be connected to Standard Instructions, Materials and Documents.

Further, specific equipment under Equipment Groups can be connected to components from the enhanced Component Group screen and Vessel Component Setup screen. When components with connected equipment are copied using the enhanced Component Group and Vessel Component Setup features, all Standard Instructions, Materials and Documents connected to the attached equipment will be distributed to the affected vessels accordingly.

Under BASSnet™ 2.10, the modules under BASSnet™ Fleet Management have been significantly enhanced by adding brand new ones and revamping existing ones as follows:
a) Distribution Group
b) Component Group (Enhanced)
c) Equipment Setup (New)
d) Vessel Component Setup (New)

> Manage a Fleet-wide Equipment Library
A New ‘Equipment Setup’ feature allows you to create and manage a library of machinery Equipment by Maker and Model.
Equipment also contain Standard Instructions, Materials and Documents that can be shared across your fleet.
Office users can easily get an overview of how a particular equipment is used fleet-wide.

> Component Group
Now with the enhanced features, the Office Users will be able to view and manage:
• New Component structure for single vessel or group of vessels
• Copy entire or part of component structure form other vessels
• Equipment connections
• Revision dates and revision details for vessel component structures

> Vessel Component Setup
A new Vessel Component Setup feature allows components and connected equipment for specific vessels to prepare, verify and manage vessel specific database.