Project Description


An advanced Management Reporting system for the shipping industry that handles multi-object, multi-company, multi-supplier and multi-currency transactions along with an intercompany feature that lets you create multiple entries for many vessels in one transaction.

The system utilizes a web-based environment, supporting multiple users at any location. Centrally track financial accounting data, currencies and partitioned charts of accounts in an environment where transactions between various companies are a must. The system contains reports from the basic status of accounts to the most advanced and complex management reports.

Full control over your finances
• Provides up-to-date and integrated financial data to benefit timely and accurate operational decisions.
• With the integration to BASSnet™ Procurement, eliminate manual entry of purchase estimates, invoices and estimate reversals to ensure a quicker delivery of month-end reports.

Fully configurable electronic banking processing with E-Banking File Generator
• Generate electronic payment files with user-configurable options to meet bank’s requirement for electronic bank payment process.
• Also with the new E-Banking Import Adapter, you are now able to implement an automated payment acknowledgement functionality by importing the bank payment confirmation files.

Multi-currency support
• Capability to calculate the cross rate between the entered currency and the alternative currency, where each company has a nominated base currency although the holding company operates in a different currency.
• Fixed and temporary exchange rate tables for easy update and automatic currency gain or loss processing.

Quick access to information with our powerful search engine
• Easy retrieval of information, such as outstanding payments, open purchase orders or any other reports, and export results
to appropriate format.

Flexible financial reporting format to meet your needs
• Pre-define the report format and structure setup in the system to map and populate the required data in Microsoft Excel format. In addition, you now have a greater insights to the report data with the data drilling capability which allows user to navigate to a different layer of data granularity.

Powerful user-controlled features provide additional flexibility
• User-defined voucher series, where the numbering can be manual or automatic, different for the holding company or for
each company and voucher type.
• Define mandatory and optional fields for each account type based on your company’s needs and create user-defined financial statements.
• Flexible structuring of the chart of accounts at a corporate, company and business unit level.