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Designed for the shipping industry, BASSnet™ Financials is an advanced Management Reporting system that handles multi-object, multi-company, multi-supplier and multi-currency transactions along with an intercompany feature that lets you create multiple entries for many vessels in one transaction.
The system utilizes a web-based environment, supporting multiple users at any location. Centrally track financial accounting data, currencies and partitioned charts of accounts in an environment where transactions between various companies are a must. The system contains reports from the basic status of accounts to the most advanced and complex management reports.
  • Quick access to information with our powerful search engine
    Easy retrieval of information, such as outstanding payments, open purchase orders or any other reports, and export results to appropriate format.

  • Flexible financial reporting format to meet your needs
    Pre-define the report format in Microsoft Excel and use the structure setup in the system to map and populate the required data in the Microsoft Excel reports.

  • Powerful user-controlled features provide additional flexibility
    User-defined voucher series, where the numbering can be manual or automatic, different for the holding company or for each company and voucher type. Define mandatory and optional fields for each account type based on your company’s needs and create user-defined financial statements. Flexible structuring of the chart of accounts at a corporate, company and business unit level.

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