Project Description

Document Manager

• Ease the administration and management of documents between the office and vessels such as, governing documents, regulatory-required documents, guidelines, reports, system manuals and corporate documents.

• Its flexible structure supports various document files types for straightforward archiving of all sensitive and non-sensitive documents to support office, fleet and vessel operations.

Full control over access and visibility

  • In a typical maritime organisation, not all documents are intended for every user.

  • In BASSnet™ Document Manager, the responsible person can set the visibility of each document and even deny access to particular documents based on the sensitivity of the content as well as the targeted level of users.

  • Keep track of the document viewer history, such as viewer, vessel, date and the revision viewed and see a list of users that have yet to view the document.

Increase user-experience by creating your own forms

  • Use the designer tool to create your own forms using Microsoft Excel and link them to various records in the system, without needing programming knowledge, and minimise unnecessary costs.

  • Use the Analyze Data feature in the record archive to generate an Excel output containing specific fields derived from a list of Excel Form Manager Records.

  • Create/Customise an Analysis Template to be used as a base for field selections.

Complete workflow of document management at your disposal
• Review and approve documents based on user access rights, as the workflow of the entire Review and Approval process is catered for, and publish the documents to everyone or specific viewers when ready.
• Easily handle document revisions, ensuring that documents are periodically reviewed and kept up to date.

Find the right file with our powerful search facility
• Nothing is more important in a vast archive of documents than the search feature. We give you the ability to search for any file, bookmark, email or web address that is stored within the archive using different attributes such as title, path, date, content, file type, role visibility, date created, creator, comment and revision.

Easy and systematic archiving
• Straightforward archiving of all sensitive and non-sensitive documents to support office, fleet and vessel operations.
• Create an archive with links to any relevant files such as procedures, guidelines, manuals etc.

Quick fleet-wide distribution and version control of documents
• A hassle-free and straightforward document flow process from the office site, facilitating the distribution of documents to a single or group of vessels via our replication engine.
• The distribution of documents via external storage media is also supported in instances of huge volumes of documents where, once received onboard, the module’s upload mechanism makes it easy to merge all the documents into the system.
• Improve safety and quality on board vessels as all the ships are updated with the latest version of company documents. Good visibility into document versions on board a vessel helps in adhering to ISM requirements.