Manage your inventory of hazardous materials with BASSnetTM

Hazardous materials are commonly used throughout the construction and maintenance of vessels. With the increasing usage of hazardous materials, the concerns for the crew’s safety and environment are rapidly rising, resulting in the need for compliance to regulatory entities on the handling of hazardous materials. As part of our integrated ship management system, BASSnetTM offers complete end-to-end solution for creating, managing and reporting of IHM.

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Hazmat awareness across all levels

Know what kind of materials you working with. With our IHM register, create your own database of inventory and flag up hazardous materials. Then when a crew is selecting materials to work with, they will be informed if they are dealing with dangerous substances.

Automate your hazardous inventory management

Simplify the maintenance of your inventory with our automated inventory management. When a material is consumed during a job or is procured in a purchase, stock counts of the material will be automatically updated in the system.

Reporting when you need it

Generate IHM reports at any time directly from the system using readily available data for the purpose of certification renewal, reporting or transfer of vessel ownership.


BASSnetTM IHM is compatible with the following modules: