BASS is happy to announce the release of the first version of BASSnet™ Data Archiving – a tool that will help customers maintain a lean and optimized live database, whilst retaining data integrity.

The heavy reliance on digitalization to manage everyday operations among shipping and offshore companies triggers rapid growth in data volume, increasing the burden on critical systems over time. Continuing unchecked, this can affect the performance of related systems and hampers the end-users’ agility to execute their daily operations.

This is what has inspired BASS to develop BASSnet™ Data Archiving, a solution to help data managers archive and remove redundant and obsolete information in a safe manner. Creating an intelligent data archiving solution is challenging due to data model interdependencies, business needs and regulatory requirements, which is why this has taken quite some effort. BASSnet™ Data Archiving is now available for BASSnet™ Maintenance and BASSnet™ Procurement modules at the office site, with more support to come soon.

Learn more now by contacting us at or +603 2173 6488.