Bassnet™ Cloud Solutions

BASSnet™ Cloud demonstrates the huge potential for cost savings that IT-enabled business solutions are generating. The BASS support team handles administration and monitoring of the software system for subscribers. Maintenance and start-up expenses are low because hardware, applications and bandwidth are managed by BASS. There are no burdensome upfront software costs; rather, BASS merely charges customers a fee for using the software and for BASS services.

With BASSnet™ Cloud, users have the advantage of

✔ being able to log in to BASSnet™ on a web browser from any location with an internet connection;
✔ no upfront costs for installation and hosting of BASSnet™ systems;
✔ substantial costs savings for maintaining & monitoring BASSnet™ and its computing infrastructure;
✔ greatly increased system uptime;
✔ immediate scalability in system operations.

Users can choose from the following BASSnet™ Cloud services: