Keep up to date with reporting information

Leverage our scheduling tool to access crucial reporting data at intervals you decide, for greater efficiency and productivity throughout your work. With BASSnetTM Scheduler, create a schedule to automate emails or SMS alerts for quick snapshots of data-driven insights right in the palm of your hands.

Customise and personalise

Designed with flexibility in mind, BASSnetTM Scheduler works out of the box and can be configured to your preference. Create your own time schedule and configure your custom message before sending the alert.

Digestible reporting and analytics

Access report data in user-friendly HTML output emails or as a short textual SMS alert to quickly flag up important information.

Get real-time visibility

Scheduled alerts display data directly from BASSnetTM modules and contain links to directly access the record details, so you can have visibility across your data in real time.


BASSnetTM Scheduler is compatible with the following modules:


More information on BASSnetTM Scheduler is available in our factsheet.