Bassnet™ SaaS

Under the banner of BASSnet™ SaaS (Software as a Service), users can access BASSnet™ Cloud without the burden of upfront infrastructure, platform and software costs. Instead, the management and maintenance of software and hardware will be handled fully by BASS.

For a monthly subscription fee, BASSnet™ SaaS not only provides users with unfettered access to BASSnet™ Cloud, but also delivers essential Application Management Services (BASSnet™ AMS)* and Infrastructure Management Services (BASSnet™ IMS)* to meet users’ software and hardware maintenance needs.

Software Management

With BASSnet™ AMS*, software maintenance tasks such as upgrades, performance monitoring, and bug detection will be performed seamlessly without users having to expend the effort and costs to ensure that the system runs smoothly at all times.* See BASSnet™ AMS for further details.

Infrastructure Management

BASSnet™ Cloud is notably hosted on Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform, which has been described as a comprehensive set of services that enable users to build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of data centres managed by the host. In sync with the use of this high-performance cloud platform, the BASSnet™ IMS* suite of services ensures comprehensive monitoring and maintenance of the BASSnet™ system infrastructure, including servers, storage, networking and databases. * See BASSnet™ IMS for further details.