Go digital with audits and inspections on site

The BASSnetTM Inspection App is a convenient mobile application that integrates with the BASSnetTM SAFIR module. Designed and developed with convenience in mind, users can perform inspections and audits of their vessels from any location without the need for internet connectivity. Then, all inspection and audit details updated on the application are stored and synchronised with the database once the user is online.

Constant availability

Designed with flexibility in mind, perform audits and inspections on site in offline mode with the predefined SAFIR checklists and audit guidelines. Then once you have internet accessibility, transfer the recorded data to BASSnetTM Desktop and assign resources to follow up.

Record your way

The application is a handy paperless tool for audio-visual documentation of inspections and audits. Record all details of the safety round however you like. Instantly upload photos and videos during safety rounds, then record a voice note for quick commenting.


The BASSnetTM Inspection App is compatible with the following module:


More information on the inspection app is available in our factsheet.