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BASSnet™ Suite, Single Platform Strategy

Streamlining Maritime Operations

BASS employs a single-platform strategy which offers complete flexibility, so each organisation can define its own processes and avoid duplication of data with the usage of a single database. This allows the entire organisation to share the same data – and enables management to deal with problems proactively, streamline work processes and identify best practices. The end result is improved transparency, process efficiency, profitability and operational reputation.

BASSnet™ is a reliable modular-based software solution enabling customers to implement the solution that meets their immediate needs, adding other BASSnet™ modules as their business evolves over time. An innovative software solution, designed for maximum efficiency with a modern user experience, the BASSnet™ suite is seamlessly integrated for safe and secure data flow between vessels and onshore offices, giving managers a total overview and control over their operations ashore and onboard.

Operational Intelligence

BASSnet™ offers a range of comprehensive features, delivering visual insight and a full 360 degree view on office and fleet-wide performance to enable better decision making.


Powerful reporting capabilities with dynamic filters

Powerful reporting capabilities
with dynamic filters

In addition to the set of comprehensive standard reports
readily available in the system, the BASSnet™ Report Generator
gives you the flexibility to compose and create your own reports
and with our Report Designer, customise each report to
make them more exciting to look at.


BI tools for fleet-wide display of key-information

BI tools for fleet-wide
display of key-information

Rest assured that you won’t miss important requests that require your
attention with proactive alerts to monitor various tasks in the system.
Measure performance across your fleet by generating various
fleet/ vessel KPIs, rendered in detailed chart and graph formats.


Centralised view of approval requests

Centralised view ofapproval requests

Immediately view & grant approvals
for or reject any requests raised in,
the various BASSnet™ modules without having to access the actual records.
*BASS also develops mobile apps for approvals for certain modules to speed up the approval process.


Comprehensive overview of the entire fleet in a single view

Comprehensive overview of the entire fleet in a single view

A versatile tool that gives you an
overview of your entire fleet including
vessel details, crew onboard, voyage management & planning, claims & other important details from various modules in BASSnet™.



Take communications to the next level

Take communicationsto the next level

Communicate within the system using
‘chat room’ style discussions for
quick decision making.
Get an overview of all the discussions you are currently involved in with specific users concerning particular records.


Take your performance to the next level

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