BASSnet™ Application Management Service (AMS)

BASSnet™ AMS is a software management service that can be purchased by users on a stand-alone basis, reducing the risks attached to software maintenance by providing ongoing, end-to-end functional and technical support for the BASSnet™ software system. This cost-saving service, subscribed for on a monthly basis, allows BASS to support vessel managers by handling software-based tasks on behalf of users, while leaving users free to focus fully on their core business goals. With this service, ship owners no longer need to allocate resources for IT functions concerning software. Subscribers to BASSnet™ AMS can leave administration and monitoring of the BASSnet™ software system to the BASS support team, which will handle a full range of background tasks including:

  • ship-shore data replication;

  • operational functions such as the generation of alerts and handling of gateway functions;

  • installation of updates;

  • version upgrades; and

  • data housekeeping.