With maritime rules and regulations for protecting the environment becoming constantly stricter, BASS has kept ahead of the tech trend and proactively designed the BASSnet™ system to keep ship managers fully compliant with current and upcoming requirements.

On the 1st of July 2015, the EU MRV Regulation (Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification) came into effect. With an aim to quantify and reduce CO2 emissions from shipping, it is designed to progressively integrate maritime emissions into the EU’s policy for reducing domestic greenhouse gas emissions (EU regulation 2015/757).

What does this mean to you?

With this regulation in place, ship owners and operators berthing vessels in European ports will have to:

  • monitor and report the verified amount of CO2 emitted by their vessels (>5000) on voyages to, from and between EU ports and;
  • provide information such as fuel consumption, cargo loads and energy efficiency parameters.

As such, shipping companies will need to prepare a monitoring plan by 31st of August 2017, at the latest, for each of their ships that fall under the jurisdiction of the regulation.

How can the BASSnet™ Environmental Management module help you?

BASSnet™ Environmental Management module currently captures the required EU MRV Regulation data on a per-voyage basis:

  • Port of departure and port of arrival, including the date and hour of departure and arrival
  • Amount and emission factor for each type of fuel consumed in total
  • CO2 emitted
  • Distance travelled
  • Time spent at sea
  • Cargo carried
  • Transport work

As the BASSnet™ system collects the above data for the required calculations in various logs, it can then be extracted from the system and used for the preparation of the monitoring plan/report.

The calculation formulas for CO2 emission is readily available in our system, and can be generated using the EEOI Calculator in BASSnet™ and the Environmental Emissions Calculation feature:

  • The BASSnet EEOI Calculator enables you to calculate and analyse the EEOI (Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator) of a vessel in order to check the CO2 emission levels during a voyage based on a specified date range. This effectively helps you calculate the amount of pollution created compared with the cargo carried and the distance sailed; hence helping to manage and reduce fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gases and other emissions.
  • Using the Environmental Emissions Calculation feature, the system will automatically generate and display the Emissions to Sea and Emissions to Air details of a vessel during a voyage. A set of complex formulas have been programmed into the system, enabling it to generate an accurate report on the user vessel’s environmental impact due to the emissions produced during a voyage. The results derived will be based on the entries made in the Electronic Log sub module during the Vessel’s journey.

The BASSnet™ Environmental Management System places ship management companies in a good position to benefit from the growing demand for green shipping services and puts you on top of all emission-related information, ready for use in tasks like comparing and generating environmental impact trends and now, in preparing a monitoring plan to meet the EU MRV Regulation.

Please contact us at contact@bassnet.no if you need more information and our team will be happy to fill you in on the full scope of this ship-friendly solution.