Breaking Down Barriers with Effective Communication


On the 27th of August 2016, the BASS KL team headed down to Thistle Port Dickson Resort for a Team Building event organized by BASS’ very own BEE (BASS Employee Engagement) Committee.  Fostering teamwork is a top priority at BASS with a vision of increasing productivity and employee empowerment. Fifty-four of our employees took the time to join the event, putting aside personal needs for the benefit of the team.

“With this Team Building event, BASS had a simple aim in mind – to reach full potential, team members must be able to say what they think, ask for help and share new ideas, and this can only happen when they trust one another and focus on solutions, not problems. The key to all this is ‘effective communication’, which was the theme of this year’s event”, said Doris Henrietta John, Head of Human Capital Management at BASS.

bass-team-building-2016-2The morning started off with fun ice-breakers and then moved on to a mind-boggling Treasure Hunt. With each team consisting of employees from different departments, it was time to see how well they interacted with each other outside of the office environment.  Though the hunt was tough, the teams still completed their tasks and returned to the pit stop within the imposed time limit with the Team Building Facilitator commending all teams on their honesty and integrity when it came to observing the rules he had set.

The second half of the event continued after a quick lunch break and this time, all the teams were ready to get soaking wet in the Straits of Malacca! Challenges such as Castaway, Kayak Race, Tug o’ War, amongst others, were thrown at the teams. With an awesome display of team spirit, strong cooperation, effective communication skills and not forgetting their team war cries, they excelled and completed all tasks thrown at them.

Feedback received from the attendees uncovered a key point – everyone enjoyed the event as it allowed for greater interaction between employees who were usually separated by departmental boundaries. There was also no segregation between Managers and Executives; everyone carried the same rank on that day, hence opening up communication channels even more.

“As a new hire, I was able to have fun with colleagues from all over the office. I not only learnt their names, but also how to work together with different types of people from all walks of life,” commented Abel Ooi who joined BASS almost 4 months ago as a Technical Writer.

“This event gave us the opportunity to see our colleagues in a different perspective, breaking down barriers and opening up our minds to new approaches when tackling challenges. I will definitely participate in future events!” proclaimed an excited Averil Thogai Malar, Senior QA Engineer at BASS.

On the whole, the event was a huge success with attendees pledging to join future events. Listen to what they have to say – watch excerpts from the Team Building event in the video below.