5 Issues with Fleet Management Systems Today

For years, shipping companies have faced massive dilemmas when selecting fleet management systems. High costs, tricky implementation, complex regulatory requirements and more bring about a low margin for error for key decision-makers.Further complicating matters is the historically fragmented nature of fleet management systems, with various vendors running solutions on different platforms and technology.With so

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news@BASSnet #1 2016

A great start The successes that we achieve are a constant motivation for us to work harder. Therefore, the succession of agreements reached with new and old customers at the end of 2015 has given us a great boost of confidence in our endeavour to shape an even more productive 2016...  

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news@BASSnet #3 2015

In this edition, BASS highlights its new innovations and also its new opportunities in the maritime industry. The newsletter also covers the CEO's statement on how to stay ahead of the technology trend with new solutions and using the market situation to leverage on current opportunities. Some of the new solutions that allow BASS to

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news@BASSnet #2 2015

What’s inside the 2nd edition of news@BASSnet 2015? Spotlight on new cutting-edge innovations from BASS, including the BASSnet SaaS application in the Cloud. New mobile application introduced for the BASSnet Approval and Counter Reading module. Sneak peek into the BASSnet Application Management Service, where BASS simplifies the task of ship managers by handling software-based tasks

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news@BASSnet # 1 2015

The first edition of our 2015 newsletter sums up BASS' achievements in 2014. Learn about the impressive endorsements received by BASS with new contracts signed in 2014, as well as why existing clients have chosen to upgrade their BASSnet experience. This edition also offers insight into BASS’ latest ‘must have’ feature - the BASSnet Port

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news@BASSnet # 2 2014

The second edition of our quarterly newsletter offers a sneak peek into the upcoming Cloud Version of BASSnet. Read also about our collaboration with Eye-share to bring you paperless Invoice processing. Find out why BASSnet Financials is a must-have solution in financial operations and discover the major endorsements that BASS has received within the first

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news@BASSnet # 1 2014

This edition covers our upgrade implementation for Wilhelmsen Ship Services, Bumi Armada, DESB Marine Services and Simosa Oil and Gas Ltd. Find out what BASS has to offer in simplifying port operations process with its latest innovation, BASSnet Port Forms Manager. Meanwhile, we have also opened up a new office in the Philippines to cater

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news@BASSnet # 3 2013

In this edition, BASS welcomes an old friend, Taiyo Nippon Kisen Co., Ltd, that is implementing a fleet-wide systems upgrade for 107of its vessels who had been with us since 2001. It also mentioned on how BASSnet Fleet Management Systems is moving forward to the environmental directions in line with the latest changes in rules

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news@BASSnet # 2 2013

In this edition, BASS features its' latest module, Port Form Management module which will be ready by end of 2013. Despite a weak economy in the industry, BASS delivered offshore market solution needs to streamline its operations. Find out which new market BASS is sailing into next. Download PDF

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news@BASSnet # 1 2013

Our first edition of 2013 newsletter shares on how BASS charts its next course with a world-known French Luxury Liner, Compagnie du Ponant. Additionally, it gives you a sneak peak on our new module, Environmental Management which will be coming in our new release at the end of this year. Download PDF

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